Welcome to ELMON Systems Pvt. Ltd.

It is well understood that the global power sector faces unprecedented challenge and change in the coming years. ELMON provides products and solutions to help the power Industry meet the challenges of today and create the network for tomorrow.

ELMON is a technologically innovative company located in India, produces the high-performance and high-quality products of Electrical Testing and Monitoring technology and the associated technical support provides for the power industry. Our strength is the team spirit and the pleasure of working with high-quality and technically sophisticated products.

This is our statement and our promise to our customers. Besides supplying high quality and technically advanced Testing and condition monitoring equipment, we also provide equally efficient after sale service. ELMON is proud to have made a significant contribution towards its development and ever growing success.

The product line covers a wide range of devices for testing various electrical parameters of Power and Instrument Transformers, Cables, Switchgears, Motors and Generators. The extensive range of products includes Single and Multi-phase Transformer Turns Ratio Meter, Winding Resistance Meters, Contact Resistance Meters, Partial Discharge Measurement Instruments, High Voltage Test Equipments, CT/PT/CVT Test Instruments, Online Dissolved Gas Analyzers (DGA), Online Partial Discharge Monitoring System etc.

ELMON also undertakes consultancy for designing High Voltage Testing Labs suitable for routine and type testing of power cables, power & instrument transformers, switchgear etc.